Reaction attraction!

Hello hello and hello and how are you on this raining Wednesday afternoon? (Well it’s raining over here in London, you international readers may beg to differ about the current state of  your weather! lol)

Anyway, enough with talks of weather, onto more pressing matters! To give you a quick update on how the the Jute Shoot went last week… one word: AMAZE-BALLS! lol it was so much fun and I have to say (something I rarely do) is that I’m really proud of myself, I’ve never done session nails for a fashion mag shoot before, not at this level or with this calibre of talent! To say I was nervous would be a frickin understatement, I kept telling everyone that I was “fine” and I wasn’t really “that nervous” only to promptly break out in a stress rash on my face the day before the shoot.. but dilema is a story for another time lol. I had the absolute pleasure and luck of getting to work with such creative and lovely people! here are a few sneak peek behind the scenes piccies from the shoot

jute shoot

my jute nails

The final cut photo’s will be out real soon, which I of course will be sharing with you, but in the meantime make sure you check out the team involved in the shoot and follow them real quick on twitter, insta and the rest:
Make up and Hair Artist: Tori Harris
Stylist: Faye Bruno
Photographer: Vanessa Mills
Model: Danielle Race

Right now back to business, today I wanted to talk to you about these ultra cool ‘Reaction Gel Polishes’ by Gel II! It’s like having an ombre effect in a bottle, too cool! Paying homage to those days of mood rings, these ‘Reaction’ Gel polishes does what it says on the tin, they react! specifically to your body temperature, creating a psychedelic two tone colour effect on your nails. Check out the many colour choices (My favs are ‘Jamaican Winter’ ‘Hulla Tallulah’ & ‘Lei Me’ – gotta love the colour names too! lol)

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.55.40

Photo taken from the ‘ Buy Gel II’ website

What’s even more cool is there isn’t some complicated application process to follow, theres no added steps or special tools needed! Apply two coats of Gel II Reaction gel polish, cure for 60 seconds between coats and apply Gel II top coat for instant shine and your ready to dazzle your peeps with your ever changing nails.
Check out this cool youtube video by Paolina Nails at the L’Atelier store’ in France:

By the way if you don’t know about Paolina Nails and her MAD CRAZY nail art skills, then you have been sleeping… sleeping under a very big rock in a very dark cave somewhere! lol you must check out her instagram profile, her nails are a daily inspiration to me, here are some her nails:

paolina nails

Photo’s taken from Paolina Nails Instagram profile – all nail painted and created by Paolina Nails


Now I couldn’t end todays post without bringing your some ACTUAL ombre nail art inspiration! I don’t know about you, but when I first started learning about nail art ombre fast became one of my favourite nail art techniques and has steadfast stayed in my top 5! It’s so easy to achieve and the colour combinations are just simply endless! It’s such a chic and simple way to give your nails that touch of swag:
Please note I claim no credit for these photo’s, unless stated otherwise these are not my nails – please contact me for credits!

ombreWell I hope you enjoyed todays post, make sure to stay tuned for more nail art inspiration and let me know which Gell II Reaction Colour is your fav and hey don’t forget to come find and follow me on the usual social media spots and say hello to your girl! 😉
Instagram: @ilovenailsuk
Twitter: @ilovenails_uk
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